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Jim Humble's MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions - A Balanced View

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With so much information circulating the net about MMS, I thought that it might be of beneficial value to dispel some common myths about MMS, what it is and what it is not. You may have heard about MMS before, perhaps you know someone who has used the Water Purification Drops in the past or currently, to regain their health. I've seen a lot of erroneous information about MMS on the internet,and a lot of people can really get nervous about broaching the subject for all manner of reasons. This article is only intended to educate readers about the discovery of Jim Humble's MMS and not promote MMS products:

MMS is a water purification product and categorically not a health supplement. There are some sites selling as a health supplement, when this has been outlawed by the FDA. The miracle mineral solution approved by Jim Humble contains chlorine dioxide. which is a water purification agent. However, this chemical should not be confused with chlorine, which is found in the treatment of swimming pools. MMS contains 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. The preparation of MMS is done by adding drops of citric acid.

MMS was discovered by Jim Humble, who was a miner and inventor until he made this breakthrough. He has since spent more than 8 years of testing MMS in different subject cases, of people around the world who suffer from different conditions. Several studies that can be found on the Internet includes AIDS / HIV patients cancer patients. All have used MMS and have experienced a variety of results, for the most part, most of these results have been positive.

MMS, however, can not be claimed to heal people suffering from serious illnesses and diseases such as cancer, HIV / AIDS, herpes, influenza, swine, etc only. One can argue, however, MMS has been used by people suffering from these diseases and not enough facts and supporting documentary evidence exist to suggest that the symptoms have completely subsided or, in some cases completely disappeared due to the consumption of the miracle mineral solution. It, therefore, does not mean that MMS is definitely a cure for cancer, AIDS, etc., but it has helped many people regain their health. The main reason why it is so productive and effective in rehabilitating peoples' health, is because it destroys harmful pathogens. In fact one of the constituents of MMS, is chlorine dioxide - which is well known for its quick action on pathogenic diseases and eliminating the threat they pose to the immune system. For years, chlorine dioxide has been used by local councils as a cleaning agent and for water treatment and has proven highly effective in disinfecting water supplies in many countries.

If you are searching around the subject of MMS you will no doubt find stories of people who have had many serious health problems and then tried MMS and experienced positive results. Most of these cases document peoples' road to recovery and their battle in eradicating the world's worst diseases such as cancer, lung disease, influenza etc. However, it should be noted that these people had to suffer various uncomfortable side affects in taking a course of MMS. They often experienced severe symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, etc. This is to be expected, and people persevering with MMS have shown steady signs of recovery. With any lifestyle change it's necessary to get all the facts straight and thoroughly research the topic area. This is no different with the miracle mineral supplement. We encourage you to do you research from several sources before making a final decision.

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